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With the increasing changes in the individual health insurance market, more businesses than ever before are looking to set up a group health plan. In many cases a small group plan will allow you the option of a large PPO network that is not available in the individual market, and is usually less expensive than an individual qualified health plan.

Many husband/wife businesses can usual qualify for a small group health pan. Is your small group eligible? To qualify, you typically must have:

  • A minimum of two people (can be two owners, one owner, and one full-time employee, etc.)
  • The ability to prove that you are a business with employees.
  • Some examples of types of documents required would be
    Payroll records, or copies of the w4’s if they are employed less than 30 days
  • Proof of business: articles of inc., partnership documents, certificate of formation, articles of organization, etc

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Why use an independent broker?

Your broker will help you:

  • Shop the entire market for the right plan(s) for you, and provide you with premium quotes.
  • Discuss alternatives with you so that you have a clear understanding of your plan choices.
  • Implement the plan you select.
  • Service your account, including solving problems with billing, eligibility and claims.
  • Ease the burden on your time by doing the “legwork” for you.
  • Assist with the renewal process.

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