Finding Part C

How to Find and Enroll in the Best Medicare Part C/Medicare Advantage Plan

Understanding Medicare Part C and finding the right Part C/Medicare Advantage Plan can be tricky, and we’re here to help. Please watch the video below and read the bullet points before continuing to your Medicare Advantage Plan search and enrollment.

Before You Continue

  • If we’re outside of the AEP, “Annual Election Period” (which is from Oct 15 – Dec 7th), you’ll need to select a “Special Enrollment Period”, reason to apply. During the AEP no Special Enrollment selection is required.
  • If you are Turning 65, select “I am new to Medicare”
  • If you are over 65 and retiring, select “I am leaving employer/union coverage” (effective date is last date of coverage, usually at the END of the month – ie. 04/30/2020)
  • Please contact Stephanie’s office at *888-465-9728* for questions regarding other specific situations

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