3 pages > Medicare Content Pages >
Boomer Benefits.com > Likes look and feel and content espeicialy SEO

Assuming https://www.puremedicaresolutions.com/medicare-resources

Has 3 hidden pages with Video

Make this page https://www.abtinsuranceagency.com/medicare LOOK MORE LIKE THIS With pages
ADD these videos


IN Footer > “medicare Resources”
dOWNLOAD ALL FILES. > and Don’t use
Medicare Premiums For High Income Earners
Prospects And customers


USE THIs form
Get rid of “SMall group***”

Keep this with javascript to hide email from scrapers

Keep the form with chatbot and lead captures

Home Page

100% free medicare assitance from Stephanie APT
Have a Clear Process
Step 1.
Step 2 . We simplify process Give you quotes
STep 3. SIgn you up,.. GIve you support CLaims and asssistance
STep 4 > Support for the rest of your life.

OTHER SErvices or “Other insurance”
A. Dental and Vision
B. Health Insurance

Our Carriers Include
Have LOGO SLider that are all one shade of gray.

Add Google reviews on the page
Add 5 or 6.
Review link


FROM proposal

competent professional, a hometown family woman of
utmost trust with a wealth of knowledge.
• Be well-organized, easy to navigate and very well-designed
• Cover the basics (e.g. introduction, biography, services, portfolio, testimonials
and contact information), without being too excessive.
• Be simple, inviting, and dynamic, with a graphic spark that sets her apart from
run-of-the-mill health insurance sites; general visual identity should be crisp,
clean and classic.
V. Deliverables – See Quotation Spreadsheet & Google Doc
The project will consist of a 2 phase plan; One a Wix Content Conversion stage
and Website Construction stage. Included in the website design project is the

  1. Wix Conversion – Export Key pages and blog posts and import them properly into
    Wordpress, in particular the blog posts.
  2. A Beautiful Website Mockup Up based on the brand, with an emphasis on working
    with the personal touch of Stephanie Abt.
    ◦ Following a artistic, professional Design Strategy
    ◦ Style Sheet Branding
    ◦ Lead Capture Forms
    ◦ 1 Hour WordPress Site Editing Training
    ◦ Optimize the site for load time
    ◦ Up to 5 Social Media Icons/Links Included to external sites
    ◦ Model sites
  3. Keep the SEO intact for primary words like “austin medicare broker” and “austin
    medicare supplement” or “austin health insurance broker”.
  4. Additional Pages –
    ◦ A PDF Download page – Include up to 12 PDF’s or external dowloadable docs
    ◦ Two to three new pages. Note: Each Blog post is considered a page
    Technical notes
    • The Website will be built in WordPress
    • It will be mobile responsive or mobile friendly
    • Basic good-practice SEO structure will be followed
    • The site will be optimized for speed (images will be a reduced size JPG format
    with very little quality degradation
    • An Hosting will provide an enhanced website page editor so you can edit the
    content and replace the images with ease. The custom graphic /brand (typically
    the header area) image will unlikely be able to change due to its deep-level
    integration into the page’s code.