When to Enroll in Medicare

By stephanie | July 9, 2021

Today’s video goes over when you should enroll in Medicare. Medicare enrollment windows can be tricky, and figuring out when to enroll in Medicare can depend on your specific situation.  Your Initial Enrollment Period, also known as your IEP is a 7 month period for when you first turn 65. It starts 3 months before … Read more

Medicare Advantage Vs Medicare Supplement

By stephanie | June 7, 2021

Today’s video explains the various differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans. When it comes to Medicare, everyone gets two main options on how to receive their Medicare benefits. We explain it as a fork in the road so to speak. You have two paths to choose from. The first path is to … Read more

How does Medicare work when you travel?

By stephanie | July 1, 2019

How does your Medicare coverage work when you travel? Medicare is accepted by over 90% of providers nationwide. If you have Original Medicare as your primary insurance and you are traveling to a different part of the US you do not need to worry about any networks, and you can continue to see any Medicare provider. Additionally, if … Read more

Medicare Part D If You Take No Drugs?

By stephanie | June 20, 2019

Do you really need Medicare Part D if you’re not taking any medications? Not necessarily. However, many folks don’t realize that there is a Part D penalty that Medicare beneficiaries are subject to for every month that they go without credible Part D coverage. It’s called the Part D “Late Enrollment Penalty”. The late enrollment penalty … Read more

Medicare Annual Election Period 2019

By stephanie | October 4, 2018

The Medicare Annual Election Period is the time of year you start hearing a lot more about Medicare. What exactly can you do or are you supposed to do during this time? Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the 2019 Medicare Annual Election Period: The Medicare Annual Election Period is from Oct. … Read more

2016 Changes in Medicare – How will they affect you?

By stephanie / September 6, 2015 /

The Medicare Trustee report is expected to be implemented January 1, 2016, which calls for increases both in the Part B premiums paid monthly by … Read more

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What GE Retirees need to know about saving money OFF the exchange

By stephanie / August 2, 2015 /

The recent changes to the GE retiree benefit program are affecting hundreds of thousands of GE employees and retirees – and what they may not know … Read more

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Medicare Mistakes to Avoid – The Top 4 Costly Errors Made By Seniors

By stephanie / July 17, 2015 /

Medicare Mistakes to Avoid Trying to understand the various aspects of Medicare can be confusing. Here are some of the top Medicare mistakes we see … Read more

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Have premiums for your medigap policy been increasing over the past few years? Here’s how to lower the cost.

By stephanie / July 11, 2015 /

If you like the coverage offered by your current policy, it’s smart to shop your letter plan with competing carriers. Under federal law, insurers who provide … Read more

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